Sylvia’s cold bath in a creek

front tire of truck

The 1964 Freightliner

Wednesday July 11, 1979 continued…

We got about 80 miles from Whitehorse and came across a nice creek and a gravel pit. Sylvia says, “I need a bath, let’s pull in here and I’ll go down to the creek and take a bath.” While she is down at the creek taking a bath, I check all the tires. And darn, I have a couple more flat tires.

I was nearly done changing my flat tires when a motor home pulls in with a boat trailer behind it. This guy had broken a tongue out of his boat trailer. He had an axe with him and he had cut a tree down and tied the tree to the frame and to the tongue. He was dragging this off of the highway to see if he could do something about it. He and his family were going fishing at a lake and this was their holiday and this had happened. I told him, “Wait just a bit and I’ll have this last wheel back on my trailer. Then you can pull up along the left-hand side of my outfit. I have a welder up there and we’ll see if we can weld it”. I got ready for him and he pulled alongside the truck and we looked it over. I am gonna try to weld his tongue back into the boat trailer.

He was concerned about what I might charge him. I told him I wouldn’t charge him anything; I’d just do it for him. So we get started. At some time in its history, this trailer had been near salt water and the rust has eaten it out. It was extremely hard to try to get it welded. I had some extra steel for repairs on my trailers and truck and I had some steel that would work to weld this frame together. I get that stuff out and cut it and heat it and bend it and get it to fit his tongue and got it welded onto his frame and onto the tongue of his trailer.

We get it all fixed up and he still wanted to pay me. I told him I didn’t want any pay. I had mentioned to him that Sylvia being down at the creek taking a bath. He said, “Well you can have a bath here, we’ve got a shower in the motor home and you can have a nice hot shower.” That sounded good. I took a nice hot shower and he gave me a bottle of beer. Then Sylvia comes walking in. She’d just had a cold bath in the creek. We all thought that was kind of comical.

It turns out he was a railroad engineer for Whitehorse Railroad. He told us that anytime we were going through Whitehorse to be sure and stop and see him. Sorry to say, we never did do that.