Norman buys new snowgo


Norman buys a new Polaris snowmobile

Thursday, March 15, 1984—sunny, 6° to 30°. Went to Anchorage, bought new Polaris long track snowgo and did some other shopping. Picked up a rug stored at Andy Boyle’s and discussed insulating house. Andy estimates $2200.

Monday, March 19, 1984—sunny, -3° to 30°. Allen Farmer and I ran his Botley Creek trapline. He had five marten. I brought back a dozen burls. Helped Allen lay out a truss rafter and ate supper there.

Thursday, March 29, 1984—partly cloudy to sunny, 10° to 30°. Jim and Mary Odden, Darrel Gerry and I went to Green Acres. Jim and Mary will camp and stake a remote parcel beside ours on Old Boot Lake. Darrel and I did some work on our parcels and helped Jim and Mary some. Had a great time.

Sunday, April 1, 1984—sunny and windy, 20° to 38°. Sylvia helped scoop snow off basement and then went to Glennallen to do laundry. I came to trap cabin. Saw herd Caribou and moose, no new traps on some of Harry’s line, otter sign and new beaver lodge west of springs. Eight inches of overflow on Blue Lake—got stuck, got out easy, everything okay at cabin.

Monday, April 2, 1984—skiff of snow last night, sunny day, 20° to 30°. Went east to headwater lake of Old Man Creek. Did lots of exploring, built marten and mink boxes and added extension chains to traps. Saw cow moose and calf, lots of small birds near Big Spring. Windy in the evening.

Tuesday, April 3, 1984—snow showers, partly cloudy, 10° to 30°. Went to Judd Lake and explored country there. Put up five traps and one marten pole. Cut diamond willow. (Diamond willow is used for carving and making craft objects. The irregularity of shape and color in the grain adds to its appeal.) Explored, build cubby, placed more traps, improved trail—killed a porcupine (Sylvia uses the quills in crafts and Joe and Morey eat them). Saw a fox den on Judd Lake seismic trail south.

Wednesday, April 4, 1984—sunny, 10° to 35°. Up early, worked all morning getting ready to leave cabin and close it up. Ran lots of Harry’s line (with permission), picked up some more of his traps and hauled all three of sleds out and gear. Snow is soft. Visited Darrel at KROA.

Caribou hanging on a meat pole

map of river

Old Man Creek at Little Nelchina

Sunday, September 30, 1979—got the Cat track on and went down the river. Saw a caribou hanging on a meat pole where some hunters had their camp during caribou season. We stopped there and Tim goes over and sniffs the meat and sure enough, it has spoiled. There was a sign posted there saying to take the meat if you want it, but of course, no one would want to eat that.

We went on down the river, and just around the bend, near an old cabin, I had to clean the carburetor on the Cat pony motor before it would start.

At lunch, where Old Man Creek comes into the Little Nelchina River, we stopped near a campground at the highway that goes to Nelchina Lodge. Henry and Ken get there a few minutes later. Henry’s been working up on a gold claim in the Yukon and he’s brought home mastodon tusks and bones from the Yukon.

When we got to the highway, Ken loaded the Cat on the trailer and Tim drove the swamp buggy. We got the Cat up on the trailer and we were going down the highway when a state trooper pulled us over. He looked the whole outfit over and turned to us and asked whose outfit this was. I told him it was mine and he said, “I could fill out several tickets with everything I see that is wrong here.” We asked him what we should be doing differently and he said, “Mud flaps on the trailer—you don’t have mud flaps and the floor of that trailer is not in very good shape.” I told him the Cat had busted the planks in the trailer and we’re just coming out from the back country and I hadn’t had a chance to replace the mud flaps that had gotten torn off traveling. He kind of accepted that, and this conversation went on over different things for a while and finally he told us, “Well, you can go on now.”

We got to Nelchina—glad this trip was over.