Missing family at Christmas

snow on cabin roof

snow on roof

Monday, December 24, 1979—warmed up to -25° to -30° today. Did some sewing, worked on the lodge’s chain saw. My snowmobile still isn’t right. The carburetor on the lodge’s snowmobile froze up today so we didn’t get any logs out. Went to the lodge after supper, exchanged gifts and they gave me a beautiful beaver hat. (They had Libby Riddles make this hat for me.) I also got a bottle of whiskey and a package of Copenhagen.

Tuesday, December 25, 1979—went over to Bob and Margaret Schmidt’s house party in the evening. Sylvia called, got to talk to Beverly, Nadia, Paul and Laura. It was really good to talk to the family, I miss them a lot. Betty at the lodge had a large Christmas Dinner.