Quiet time at the trap cabin

Man in red parka and icy beard with a dog

Norman with his dog Mike

Tuesday, March 3, 1981—ran the dogs again today, five of them and they did quite well. Went to see Hoffmans—met Max Junior then came home and ate. Fed the dogs and went to Gunsight Lodge.

 Wednesday, March 4, 1981—ran the dogs with Mac in the lead, Chrissy second, then Judy, Micky, Niki and Oscar. They all did quite well.

Saturday, March 7, 1981—I started making hatchet sheaths. Mike called, then Dan called and offered to fly me to Blue Lake so I can stay at my trap cabin a few days. His new plane is very nice.

Sunday, March 8, 1981—left Dan’s about noon. Sam flew with us. We looked over the country. It was really nice, we could see so much of the land—then we landed at Blue Lake and broke trail to the cabin. On the way there, we had no trail. I had to go by where I thought the cabin was. It’s a little over a mile through the brush and trees and I led them to within a few yards of the cabin. The guys were quite surprised how I did that and I just passed it off as an everyday thing. Dan and Sam were on skis and I was on snowshoes. The cabin was just as I had left it. It was a nice day and we had a really good time there. I really appreciated Dan taking me.

Monday, March 9, 1981—a marten has been in my cache here at the trap cabin. He likes noodles and butter. I dried my frosty gear and worked on the dog tie-outs. Went snowshoeing, saw tracks of caribou, wolf, moose and marten. I’m really enjoying being out here at the trap cabin.

Tuesday, March 10, 1981—slept late, don’t feel good. Snowshoed a trail to Blue Lake for the snow machine. Light snow last night, marten visited the cabin. Sunny today. Put out two lines of spruce boughs on the little lake to mark a landing strip for Dan’s plane to land here at the cabin.

Wednesday, March 11, 1981—dressed fur stretching boards last night and more today. Snowed two inches of wet stuff, windy and clearer later this afternoon.

Thursday, March 12, 1981—bright and sunny, got ready to leave. The marten was back in the cache. I ran him away. He scolded much like a squirrel—I imitated him—he scolded more. Dan didn’t show up with the plane to pick me up—something must have delayed him.

Friday, March 13, 1981—up very early. fixed a good breakfast and snowshoed to the trap cache at the west lake, then south to pick up a trap, then back to cabin. Chris R. flew in to visit and Later Dan landed on Blue Lake. He had Mike P. with him. They skied the mile or two to my cabin. After coffee, Dan flew us to his place on Snowshoe Lake. I welded Dan’s Okio (a style of sled often used for freighting). Hauling firewood is hard on sleds.

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