Feet stuck to the freezing floor

cold feet

My feet would stick to the freezing floor

Tuesday, November 27, 1979—got up late, changed the plugs on the snowmobile. Tim and I went out to check the traps. Nothing there, no luck. I wiped out the windshield on the snow machine—rolled it over. Didn’t get hurt. Bob Schmidt, Leo Ogilby, Lee Dudley and Mike Phillips were at the lodge. Fixed beef heart stew and noodles for supper.

Wednesday, November 28, 1979—I sure have a sore back today. Moved some more things from the little green house to the cabin. It snowed all night. It’s nice to be in the cabin. At the green house, where I was staying before, when I would get up in the mornings and walk over to the stove to build a fire, my feet would stick (freezing from the cold) to the floor. Here in the cabin, the floor is insulated and stays warm so my feet don’t stick to the floor. After breakfast, I packed snow around the cabin and packed a trail to the wood area with the snowmobile. Worked on the clutch of the Ski-Doo. It’s been giving me some trouble. Borrowed Dan Billman’s draw knife. Mike gave me a mink carcass to use as scent and bait for the trapline. Then I put up a drying rack in the cabin. Lots of neighbors are at the lodge this evening.

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