Visit to Minnesota, Fall 1979

Minneapolis skyline 1979

Minneapolis Skyline 1979

Saturday, October 20, 1979—worked on the Cat, got it ready for winter. We packed our luggage to go to Minnesota and left Nelchina about noon. We met Karn Rudbeck’s friend at the airport in Anchorage and gave her their sleeping bags. Got on the plane at 6:45 p.m. Three hours later we were in Seattle. We had a three hour layover there, then 2 ½ hours later we were at Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. Paul, my son and his wife Ruth came to meet us and we got to see Steven our grandson. He’s a new grandson, we hadn’t seen him yet. Later, my daughters Beverly Volk and Nadia, Darrell Breider (Nadia’s husband) and my granddaughter Laura came over to Paul and Ruth’s late. We had a nice visit. Of course we don’t have a vehicle here in Minnesota, so Roger and Bridgette came down from Motley and drove us to our home here in Minnesota. Real tired.

Sunday, October 21, 1979—went to Brainerd and saw my daughter Theresa Austin and her son and daughter, Lee and Darcy and hubby Larry. Stopped to see Bob and Karn (Karen) Rudbeck who live west of Brainerd.

Monday, October 22, 1979—saw Lee, Roger, Taymond and Clara and Theresa’s family and Everett gave me a tire, took Theresa’s family out for supper.

Tuesday, October 23, 1979—went over to Ernie’s and butchered that lamb that we were getting from him. We shopped in Staples, fixed some tires and took the pickup in to fix the heater. Roger and Bridgette went out to supper with us.

Wednesday, October 24, 1979—did some more shopping and cut up the lamb. Went to see the Rollins family. We have been friends for a long time and it was good to see them again.

Thursday, October 25, 1979—fixed tires on the pickup, put newer tires on. Shopped in Brainerd and Staples and visited Al and his mother.

Friday, October 26, 1979—Some time ago, I had gone to Iowa, cut some hickory logs and brought them up to Minnesota. I wanted them sawed so I could build a dog sled. They had been lying at a sawmill for a long time and hadn’t been touched. I was disappointed about that. Roger knew of another sawmill we might use so we loaded up the untouched logs and hauled them to this other sawmill.

Saturday, October 27, 1979—we loaded some gear and did some visiting. Went grouse hunting and I made a nice shot on a grouse. They make a good meal.

Sunday, October 28, 1979—it’s raining. I worked on my snowmobile trailer and then went to Brainerd and saw Theresa and family

Monday, October 29, 1979—got some supplies and worked on snowmobile trailer some more, packed gear and did some farm business.

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