Building shelter for the first winter


The first cabin

Thursday, October 11, 1979—I started building the plywood cabin (for Sylvia and I) to live in for the winter. This cabin is 12’ x 16’ with 8’ walls and a plywood floor. Over the ceiling, we had a place for storage. I got the floor done today and got both ends done. A couple of fellas that were over at the lodge came and helped me. We turned it upside down and I put the insulation in the floor and nailed plywood over it. Then we flopped it back over on the skids.

Friday, October 12, 1979—got both ends of the cabin done (left a door opening on one end that would be on the south when the cabin is finished) and started one side.

Saturday, October 13, 1979—finished the framing and got the cabin sheeted. Really tired tonight. Geese have been flying all day. They are quite high, but that brings the work to a halt—wish I was hunting geese somewhere.

Sunday, October 14, 1979—worked on the cabin a little and Henry and I went to where the Cat was parked and loaded it on a trailer. We had to use load binders and pull in on a length or two at a time. We got back too late to put roofing on the cabin. It was a sunny day—would have been a good day to do that job. Saw trumpeter swans flying. They were quite high.

Monday, October 15, 1979—it was nice, but quite cool. We got the roofing on the cabin. I used roll roofing. Laid it out on a strip of blacktop from the old highway. The sun warmed it up, and I cut it into 16 foot strips to go over the roof of the cabin. The roof was 8 feet on each side and we had to work like the dickens to get the sealer where it joins and get the roofing nailed down, but we got it done.

Tuesday, October 16, 1979—went to Anchorage for some parts and insulation for the walls on the cabin. We also needed grub and other things.

Wednesday, October 17, 1979—worked on the Cat all day.

Thursday, October 18, 1979—put the insulation in and covered it up. The weather is very nice, 18-20 degrees above zero at night.

Friday, October 19, 1979—worked on the cabin putting in windows and making a door, a table and a bunk. We’re really working hard to get everything done. Getting ready to go outside (to Minnesota).

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